Nove32 by HABANERO

Nove32 is the first city bag of HABANERO bags, an iconic “different” object created with the experience of high craftsmanship in the world of leather goods, to produce a style object popularized by the Venetian laboratory, recognized for its personal vision in the market of the fashion accessory.

Built in specimens of different colors using first choice leathers that give a different feel to the touch and an aesthetic rich in tones, Nove32 is born from a new design concept of theAAG that is inspired by indispensable objects that accompany us every day to cross the our cities.



The concreteness and constructive professionalism that animates the activity of HABANERO bags is now essential to present this new clothing accessory, engineered with the same elegance of the products that the Padua laboratory develops for all its creations.

The Nove32 design appropriates the colors of the cities which are often a scheme to indicate actions to be taken. Useful actions can turn into important choices to become a style, and style cannot be improvised because it represents our way of acting.


is designed to become an iconic, recognizable and personal object.


is dedicated to original people in their way of being.


is a dynamic product invented to contain our daily objects.


it is numbered and signed, hand built with craftsmanship experience.


Nove32 has the advantage of being a prime example of the spread of the brand HABANERO in other kinds of products, for a better quality of life. Nove32 is a special city bag present in our Showroom, in the stores that present our products, but you can also easily buy it in our ecommerce. 64 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Contact us for more information by writing your request.