NOVE32 is in color


Colors are fundamental in our life as they are a means of expressing our character. Colors contain essential information and choosing them is an important aspect of our freedom. It is also known to everyone that colors have an enormous influence on the mood, because each color causes a certain feeling or emotional reaction, both in those who choose it and in those who look at it: White can be associated with purity; red to anger, or to passion; the yellow to jealousy, but also to the “joie de vie”; black to mystery, to the depth of our soul, to pain; Pink is often associated with feeling … in short, colors help us to communicate different moments of our existence and accompany us in our daily life with a non-verbal but intuitive language. Nove32 was born on these concepts and leaves freedom of preference, on the composition of its colors, to all those who choose it to create an image of themselves. In addition to the design proposals of AAG and the colors suggested by HABANERO deduced from the artisan experience, each of us can compose the colors of his Nove32 making it unique. The palette of the Paduan production house is almost infinite and available for each customer, always obtained from first choice leather made in Italy that enhance even the small details of the city bag, thus creating a high-level product. If you wish, you will be involved in the production process of your Nove32 by HABANERO: for the type and color of the leather; for accessories; for any detail you want to add or remove that will make it special. Our laboratory will update you through photos and videos, periodically informing you about the work of the master craftsmen who, step by step, will make your choices. HABANERO pursues with unconditional passion the long all-Italian tradition of leather goods, a unique heritage recognized internationally in our country, adding ethical research in the processing of the best products derived from the sector from the prestigious Venetian and Tuscan tanneries.